Tuesday, November 21, 2017

There's a chill in the air

Hi everyone....
Fall is in full swing here in Central PA and winter is just around the corner.
Here is a little winter magic in my new collection

this kit contains 16 papers, 5 flowers,  7 trims and ribbons, 2 ricracs, 4 borders, a pine branch, a bow, a circle element, an icy staircase, a stave church, a frosted leaf, a glitter leaf cluster, 3 frames,  a tree, a crown, a fractal, a snowflake scatter, 8 snowflakes, a flourish, a frost stamp, 2 laces, 5 word tags, a snow queen and an alpha.

and some inspiration from my wonderful CT
stay tuned for updates on my CT real soon!...

and a freebie from me

Monday, October 30, 2017

Makin' a Splash!

Hi everyone...

I have good and bad news.....

The good news is that I have a splashin' new collection! I have had many requests for a water park kit.... and so here it is!

this kit includes 21 papers, 6 flowers, 10 ribbons, 3 ricracs,  3 leaves, a palm tree, 2 surfboards, 9 splash elements, 2 wave elements, a barrel, a mask element, 4 waterslide elements, 2 borders, a string, a bow, 3 innertube elements,  a geyser,  a pile of rocks, a silhouette, 3 frames,  a fishnet, a rope with knot, 3 flipflops, a stamp, 11 word tags, 6 miscellaneous elements and 2 alphas.

and now with the bad news.....

My dear friend and CT member, Linda has decided to retire from the scrappin world. She wants to devote more time to family and I think that is wonderful. She will be missed!!!!!

Here is some inspiration by my wonderful CT

and one from me

 and a little something to share

Thursday, September 14, 2017


Who doesn't love pineapple......this kit pays homage to this tropical yummy fruit!

it contains 19 papers, 4 pineapple elements, 2 pineapple wedges, a stack of pineapple slices, 7 flowers, 3 leaves, 4 frames, 6 ribbons, 4 trims, 2 ricracs, 2 dole whip elements, a flair, stitching, a border, a bunting, a sun, a flourish, 6 word tags, a sparkle trail, a scatter, a cherry, a spoon, a diecut, a stamp, a string and two alphas.

and here is a little inspiration from my wonderful CT

and a little freebie from me

Friday, August 18, 2017

and all the way to China!

Hi everyone!!!
I hope that all of you are having a wonderful summer. 

Let's travel together to the Far East.....

​this kit contains 26 papers, 9 flowers, 3 lanterns, 2 plum blossom sprigs, 3 stems of bamboo, 2 dragonflies, 2 chinese coins, a dragon, a temple, a gate, the Great Wall, a take-out containers, 2 chopsticks, 13 ribbons and trims, 3 parasols, a string, a panda, a yin yang symbol, a fortune cookie, 3 fortunes, a chinese knot, 5 frames, 3 borders, a cricket cage, 4 chinese symbol elements, mahjong tiles, 7 word tags, a hair comb, 2 quilled paper spirals and 3 alphas

and here's some inspiration from my CT

  and one from me

and of course a little something to share

Friday, July 7, 2017

Mission accomplished!

Hi everyone.... I hope all of you are doing well.  It's been a rainy summer here in PA but I'm lovin' how green everything is!

Talking about green...
that brings me to my newest collection

this kit includes 14 papers, 7 flowers, 5 leaves,  5 star elements,  a string, 4 trims, 7 ribbons, 4 ricracs, 3 army men, 6 word tags, 2 staples, 1 twine 2 stripes patches, 2 flags, 2 bows, a border,  a jeep, a pair of boots, a pin, 7 frames,  2 dogtags,  a chevron, a button,  6 commendation ribbons,  a bucket, a baby monitor, 6 overlay elements, 2 medals, an applique and 3 alphas.

here is some inspiration from my wonderful team

created by Linda

created by Linda

created by Cynthia

created by Lisa

created by Lisa

and one from me

and a freebie from me

and as always 

thank you for stopping by my little corner of the world